5 Minute Rundown On Current Health Research

photo-7Imagine spending 3 days, walking from one room to the next, every 20 minutes, listening to some of the world’s leading authorities speak on current health issues.  I had the honor of attending such an event at the Ancestral Health Symposium in Atlanta, this past weekend.  I tweeted @HlthCoachPenny as fast as my fingers could type, to relay morsels of info across the airwaves.

Below is a brief synapsis of my most popular tweets:

‘Presenter from New Zealand told me he respects us Paleo/Primal/Real foodies from the USA because we are bombarded with crap food.’

‘Intermittent fasting, carbohydrate restriction & intermittent intense exercise – protocol for cancer patients’- @CavemanDoctor

“General rule: If your shadow is longer than your height, you are probably not making any vit D at all.”-Dr. Anastasia Boulais

‘You can lead a horse to Paleo but you can’t make them think’-@HlthCoachPenny

‘What a weekend! Astrophysicists, economists, ecologists, archaeologists, psychiatrists, engineers, and of course PT’s, MD’s, RD’s and PhD’s…polymaths speaking on ancestral health’-@HlthCoachPenny #mybrainhurts

‘If your growth hormone, insulin, leptin, and mTOR is raised that is not conducive to longevity’- Dr. Rosedale

‘I don’t ever prove anything I lend evidence’-Dr. Rosedale

‘You need the instructions, not just the parts, taking Ca to ^ bone density is ridiculous, you need to get the instructions’-Dr. Rosedale

‘You must DEFINE health before you can achieve it’-Dr. Rosedale

‘That which is better doesn’t mean it’s best’-Dr. Rosedale

‘Ancient man wasn’t concerned about a long healthy life so why should we eat like them’-Rosedale

‘A Paleo diet can only tell us what diet is best for reproduction’-Rosedale

“Complex global economy functions as human biology…it is nonlinear, needs coordination, and is complex”-Dr. Jaminet

‘Paleo science is much more rigorous than any other science’-Saad

‘Health is the output of a coordinated body’-Dr. Jaminet

‘Levels of hormone don’t tell you hormone action’-Rosedale

“The tissue that is the most insulin resistant is damaged the least, glucose can’t inflict it’s damage”-Rosedale

“Nature doesn’t select for a long and healthy life”-Rosedale

‘Only at AHS13: Astrophysicist, physical therapist, ecologist, psychiatrist, archaeologist, economist, engineer,& polymath discuss nutrition’-HlthCoachPenny

“Circalunar clock and solar clock affect circadian rhythm”-Jaminet

“If you have joint issues the first thing you should attend to is circadian rhythm”-Dr. Jaminet

“Diabetes is a great model for aging”-Rosedale

“You are not what you eat. You are what your body does with what you eat.” – Todd Becker

“Use Carbs as a hormetic stressor pre and post training”- Nelson

“I read obituaries for people over 100, the most common element is that they love to cook”- Dr. Jaminet

“Carb intake goes down w increased income”-Dr. Jaminet

“If we eat ancestral food then our food preferences should guide us”-Dr. Jaminet

‘SAD diet=^Omega6=^insulin=^inflammation=less insulin sensitivity’-Dr. Pendergrass

‘High Omega-6 diet produces more insulin but then leads to reduced insulin sensitivity’-AHS13

“obesity=^ insulin”- @Whsource. What if obesity is caused by high fat diet, maybe that’s why some obese=normal insulin?-hlthcoachpenny

‘It’s not about optimal Vit D but A, D, & K balance : sun, cod liver oil, leafy greens, animal fats & fermented foods’ Dr. Masterjohn

‘A nutrient-dense diet consisting of adequate amounts of protein & fat is required to detoxify’- Dr. Gerstmar

“The plant form of iron is 8 times less bioavailable than heme iron from animal sources.”-Dr. Georgia Ede

“Chronic Cardio is as bad as chronic HIIT which is like being chased by a lion multiple times/week=wipes you out!”-J.Scott

“There is more evidence connecting diet with ADHD than any other psych. disorder”-Dr. Ede

‘Eating carbs all day=roller coaster insulin. We can live an entire life without carbs’-Dr. Ede

‘ALA (plant source) is bad source of Omega 3 and EPA at dose of 1000mg/day superior to DHA’-DR. Ede

“I am obsessed with food and mental health, about which nothing was taught in Med school or residency”-Dr. Ede

‘Increase Fat intake, decrease Carb intake…processed or otherwise. A carb is a carb when becoming a fat burning beast’-@coachtrodriguez

‘Those that do not move, do not notice their chains.’ -Rosa Luxembourg

‘Performance vs Longevity. If you ramp up athletic performance (intense training) you decrease your longevity’-Wolf

‘A fat burner athlete is self regulating…less risk of overtraining and injury because carbs aren’t supplying false energy’-Sisson

‘Heavy set, overweight endurance athletes are carb burners…burning off the carbs they are eating instead of burning fat stores’-Sisson

‘Since switching to fat adapted, ketogenic endurance training I can go forever’- Scott and Greenfield

‘You need to define the demands of your sport before designing nutrition needs’-J. Scott

‘Lower testosterone athletes are better carb burners and higher testosterone=better fat metabolizer’-Robb Wolf

‘creme de la creme of the Paleo community to discuss ketogenic diet and athletic performance’-Jimmy Moore

‘Greatest drop in health happened during agricultural revolution due to infectious disease’-Durant

‘We could not design a worse baby seat than we have today to destroy our generation’s spine’-Gokhale

‘J shaped spine is more ergonomic than S shaped spine’-Gokhale

‘Vaginal delivery and breast feeding increases beneficial gut bacteria of baby’-Kresser

‘Restore our gut biome by increasing exposure to dirt and unsanitary envir & soluble fiber, use less antibiotics, eat over 50gr carb/day’-Kresser

‘Probiotics help regulate the immune system, they aren’t gut specific and also work if applied sub-q and intra-v’-Kresser

‘People with MS who have parasites develop MS symptoms at a slower rate’-Kresser

‘Think twice about using soap’-Kresser

Stapell says we would ha ever progressed to where we are if not for agriculture-hlthcoachpenny

‘Is the Ancestral Health going mainstream?’ Stapell thinks not. Says people seek it out for health or performance-hlthcoachpenny

“We are not engineered to go thru this life ‘comfortable'”-Kyle Maynard

Egüez-Guevara-‘Beet juice w egg yolk is example of vitamins of the countryside in traditional Equador’

‘Male genitals are the first thing to evolve in insects’, ‘human erectile function is a major indicator in CV health’-G. Miller

‘Being an athlete is contrary to being Paleo’-Taleb

‘In the beginning of an S curve, regularity is good in the end (convex phase) randomness is good.’ -Taleb

Dr. Eaton: ‘Hunter-gatherer societies got less than a gram (.7) a day of salt. Americans get 3.5 grams of salt a day.’

‘Fruits and veggies composed 40-50% of hunter gatherer diet. Now only 15-20%.’-Dr. Eaton

‘Walking is the most important exercise for the human species, fish is the most important food’- Dr. Eaton

‘The China study is easily debunked by Minger and Cordain. It is based on flawed research.’-Dr. Eaton

Authors of ‘Paleolithic Prescription’, Boyd and Konner, grandfathers of our movement are on the stand.

Does your brain feel larger now?  I hope you enjoyed my tweets!  Follow me on twitter @HlthCoachPenny for more daily updates!