Why I do this?


I want to educate.

I want to inspire.

I want to give back.

I want to save lives. 


Using the past 30+ years of learning and experience, I want to help people, just like you, make your way through the maze of misinformation about exercise and nutrition.  I consult with my clients via online and/or in person.  I research and report on current science.  Science that is constantly evolving.  What is held as truth today may be found false tomorrow.

The greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance – it is the illusion of knowledge – Daniel J. Boorstin

I don’t claim to know it all, and if someone does then run for the door!   One thing I know for sure is that people are confused!  There is so much conflicting information and convoluted theories about how to eat and how to exercise.  My mission is to uncover the fallacies, reveal the science that dispels the myths, and pass this information on to you.  I am passionately curious about all things “health”.

My nutrition philosophy: The SAD diet (Standard American Diet), is wrong.  The fast food, over processed, bagged, boxed average American diet has caused the ‘diabesity”, heart disease, and cancer epidemic in this country. As Michael Pollan so eloquently puts it, “The only diet that is not compatible with human existence is the one we consume in this country”.

The type of exercise I recommend is based on developing strength, balance, and mobility that will carry you through your entire life. It’s about letting you choose what activities you are most interested in and incorporating them into your daily life. Making sure to include enjoyable movement that will strengthen your muscles, keep your cardio system strong, and your mind sharp. I try to always keep up with cutting edge ideas on fitness by continually updating and evolving my certifications.

So what do I do when I am not obsessing?  My idea of a perfect day, (after I get done researching and spreading the gospel), is getting 8 hours of sleep, getting my heart rate up to max several times whether it is with weights, woods, or wheels, living in the moment with a dose of mindfulness, and hanging out with my super fun family.

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