Are You A Health ‘Free Thinker’

30 years ago the federal government decided, for the first time in its history, to design ‘Dietary Guidelines’. Now here we are in the midst of an obesity, diabetes, and pill popping epidemic. Blindly following conventional wisdom, and not thinking for yourself, may cause more harm than good. Here are some reminders that may help you follow your own path when it comes to making sense of what is right and wrong for your health.

1. Change your mind as often as the facts change.

2. Ignore people who refuse to change their minds when

the facts change.

3. Read more books and fewer articles.

4. Read more history and fewer conventional forecasts.

5. You have no obligation to have an opinion about anything.

6. You have a strict obligation to not have an opinion

about things you don’t understand.

7. Judge health professionals by the quality of their arguments, not

the performance of their most recent client.

8. You’re twice as biased as you think you are. (Four times

if you disagree with that statement.)

9. Be careful when reading about how stupid some nutrition and health professionals

can be … and not realizing you’re reading about yourself.

10. Emotional intelligence is more important than book


11. The correlation between confidence and future regret

is high.

12. Don’t try to keep up with the Jonses. They’re no happier

than you are.

13. The most powerful way to have more health is to

learn to live with less.

14. You have complete control over

your health.

15. Don’t put all of your nutrition/fitness eggs in one basket. Diversify your health.

16. Admit when you’re wrong.

17. Assume the worst, hope for the best, and accept reality.

18. Every five to seven years, people forget that the nutrition and fitness rules changes every five to seven years.

*Inspired by Morgan Housel