Being Fat Isn’t Your Fault

Why Do We get Fat?  Is it eating too many calories or carbs?  Is it genetics? Is it hormonal? Is it lack of exercise?  I KNOW THE ANSWER!  Not. First of all, if someone says they know the answer...they don't.  The fact is, the reason we get fat is a combination of factors.  It is a dance between you saying, "I want pleasure", and the body saying, "I need fuel". The psychological and the chemical tango.  Just like dancing, the individual participants need to be in sync with the music, and the music has to have a good beat, or it just isn't pretty!  This "pleasure and fuel", like dancing, must listen to the messages the brain, and other body systems, are releasing and those messages … [Read more...]

The Best Health Tip Ever!

I recently watched this powerful video that explains the single most important thing you can do to improve your health. I know, this sounds like the lead-in to one of those health scams trying to sell you something. Trust me, this one is legit, and entertaining! It may not melt off the pounds, but it can add years to your life and life to your years. … [Read more...]