Do You Experience Dinner Amnesia ?

Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 12.44.13 PMSo many of my clients have the best of intentions when it comes to eating healthy and following through on their wellness goals, but then ‘amnesia’ sets in, especially when they are hungry, tired, and limited on time.  When it comes time for dinner they ‘forget’ how important it is to them to eat healthy and stay with their plan to lose weight. If you are finding that you are one of the many health seekers that does great during the day, but then has amnesia at dinner time then pre-made healthy meals is just what the Health Coach orders!

I recently tagged along with personal Chef Kevin Green as he prepared 2 weeks worth of dinners for one of my clients.  He hit the grocery store at 9am then arrived at the client’s home with all of his pots, pans, spices, and skills, and prepared all of the meals onsite. He placed a few meals in the fridge and froze the rest for my client to easily reheat on those nights when he just can’t motivate himself to cook. Chef Kevin left the home smelling of home cooked meals, and even cleaner than when he arrived! Check out the quick video I put together of, as I call him, “Chef Scissorhands”

Best Bites, another local entrepreneur here in East Tennessee, has farm fresh meals available for pickup.  If you don’t have a local chef in your area you may want to consider having dinner shipped straight to your door (free shipping!), by Nourish Foods.

Is dinner amnesia getting in the way of reaching your health goals?  Get serious about putting the nail in the coffin of that reoccurring forgetfulness, and plan how you are going to conquer the obstacle.  Have dinner already prepared!