My Recipe For A Lean, Fit, Happy, Healthy Life

health-happy I recently received an email from a client asking what I recommend most for staying lean and fit. I posted the answer on my Facebook page ‘Health Coach Penny’, and got more ‘likes’ than any other post, so I thought you might like to take a look at my recipe for staying lean, fit, happy and healthy.

1) It starts with sleep. I need at least 8 hours, yours may be a little less or a little more.  Read Lights Out: Sleep, Sugar, and Survival to learn why sleep is so important.

 2) Eat veggies, fish, meat, fowl, eggs, nuts and seeds, and a little fruit (mostly berries). That’s it. You can’t exercise off the weight. If you believe in the ‘burn off the calories with exercise to lose weight’ theory then you will have to run 35 miles (approx. 100 calories burned per mile) to burn 1 pound of fat!! If you do try to exercise like this to lose weight you end up hungry (and probably injured due to overuse), and will usually make up for the small amount of calories you burned by eating more than you would have if you hadn’t done chronic cardio (not to mention the muscle tissue that is degraded due to excessive cardio).  Remember the most important fact: 80% of your body composition is DETERMINED BY WHAT YOU EAT–not by exercising!
3) 2-3 weight training workouts each week. This can be done in the gym, at home with minimal equipment, or with body weight exercises. Exercise activates the muscle tissue, which in turn keeps all of your organ systems functioning at their optimum capacity because the organs are supporting and feeding the working muscle.  Check out my Youtube channel here to see some of the types of workouts I have posted.
4) 1-2 20 minute sprint intervals each week, of 15-60 seconds in duration, followed by 30-60 second rest. This releases growth hormone, testosterone, endorphins. It is this occasional ACUTE (short and intense) type of cardio activity that our bodies are designed for. Not 1-6 hours of huffing and puffing, muscle degrading (including heart muscle), inflammatory, CHRONIC cardio–that leaves you hungry, over stressed, and depleted.
5) 3-5 days per week for 30 minutes to a few hours,  of something VERY enjoyable, long and slow, that keeps the heart rate at 55-75% of its max: hiking, biking, swimming, walking, PLAY! Moving the body in an enjoyable way. You should feel refreshed when you are done…not tired and hungry.
6) Breathe. Relax. Practice mindfulness. Click here to check out my post about this subject.
I hope you ‘like’ this recipe and that it helps you stay lean, fit, happy, and healthy.