My Team



Anita Hill  Acupuncture Specialist Cornerstone Integrative Health Associates
A Walk In The Woods Hiking guides and other services with 60+ years experience
Ayurveda Center for Natural Healthcare Local provider of alternative and complimentary health care
Seasons Wellness Comprehensive holistic and traditional healthcare. Specializing in testing and lifestyle management
Susan Fiddler Medicinal Herbalist and Phytotherapy
Dr. Chad Potteiger, D.O. Gastroenterologist
Dancing Bear Lodge Penny’s Townsend location for Personal Training and Retreats
MBSR course at University of Tennessee Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, 8 week course taught by Dr. Elizabeth Strand MBSR at UT
Eddies Health Shoppe The area’s most complete supplement store
Joe Black DPT Maryville’s ‘go to’ guy for Physical Therapy
Smoky Mountain Wellness Community education and wellness events
Knoxville Performance Lab State of the art athletic performance testing 
Little River Yoga Townsend’s Yoga and Massage Center
Olympia Athletic Club Penny’s Maryville location for Personal Training
Susan Maxwell CRS Rubenfeld Synergy Method is profound, efficient healing work 
Mother Earth Meats in Maryville Blount County’s grocer for fresh local food
Twisted Roots Bodywork Restorative Massage and Yoga


Brewers Mushrooms
Circle A Farm
McBee Dairy Farm
Honey Rock Herb Farm
Sweetwater Valley Farm
West Wind Farms
Rolling Hills Farm
Wildwood Farm