Paleo Goes Mainstream

paleo-primal-food-pyramid-mark-sisson-marksdailyappleJust as I embark on my nutrition seminar tour for Mark Sisson the Primal/Paleo/Ancestral movement comes out of the shadows and hits center stage.  The recent press it received on Dr. Oz catapulted the ancestral health “craze” into mainstream popularity.  The only problem I have with all of this attention is that it isn’t a “craze” or a fad diet.  It is the way we are genetically designed to eat, and have been eating for the past few million years, until the advent of agriculture which occurred about 10,000 years ago.  Click here to learn how in 2007 I embarked on my journey and watched my health improve while eating according my genetic blueprint.  I don’t consider myself a ‘Paleo Nazi’, and most people don’t have to follow it absolutely to the letter to see dramatic positive health changes, but I don’t venture too far from my hunter gatherer roots.  I enjoy all things modern, but when it comes to nutrition I believe it is important to stay as close to an archeologically historical, scientifically proven, diet as possible. We were stronger, taller, healthier, had bigger brains and less dental decay before we started eating grains, legumes, and some argue, dairy…before the onset of agriculture and definitely before the agricultural revolution.  If you want to learn more contact me about the Primal Blueprint Seminar locations or to request one in your area.

Check out the Dr. Oz episode that has everyone talking caveman: