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Have you ever known someone who just wants to get healthier but can’t seem to get started.  Does this sound like you?  Do you need someone to coach you through the process?  I specializes in Integrative Health Coaching (IHC).  I incorporate the Duke Integrative Medicine process model so that my clients will see REAL lasting change in their health.  IHC is not just about physical and mental well-being.  By phone or in person I work with you, the whole person, to define your vision, values, goals, and how to make it fit into your life using your strengths.  If you chose to work with me as your REAL Change Health Coach I will use the Wheel of Health to help determine the areas you decide to focus on.  Through self-evaluation, visioning, goal setting, and clear defined action steps you will reach you goals.  I  help you assess where your health is currently and where you want to be.  The discrepancy between current and desired states is where the work begins.  With skills of deep listening, curious inquiry, nonjudgmental open questions, and deep reflection I will help you through the process of change you want for yourself by developing a plan with clearly defined action steps.  It doesn’t stop there.  You will be held accountable to your actions!  So what are you waiting for, let’s get you started today!


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Are you ready for a challenge?  Sign up for Penny’s total package.  This includes REAL Health Coaching on all aspects of the Wheel of Health, REAL Food Nutritition Counseling, and REAL Personal Training.  Click here for pricing.


A Physician’s Perspective by Dr Shelley Wrot, Duke Integrative Medicine, Duke University 



 International Coach FederationDuke University Intergated Wheel of Health