REAL Food Nutrition Counseling

So you want to learn how to eat so you feel better, look better, or  increase your athletic performance?  Do you want to get off the diet roller coaster? Maybe you are simply confused by all the different diets and want to find what works for you.  I can help.  Combining my years of counseling clients successfully to eat REAL food, along with my Duke Integrative Health Coaching skills, I guide you by phone or in person, in the process of reaching your goals.  My REAL Food Nutrition Counseling encompasses a biological approach based on evolutionary science.  I not only help you find your way through the maze of conflicting nutrition information, but educate you and help you find a way to incorporate that knowledge into your life.  If you are ready to start learning about REAL Nutrition contact me for a free consultation.

My nutrition philosophy: The SAD diet (Standard American Diet), is wrong.  The fast food, over processed, bagged, boxed average American diet has caused the ‘diabesity”, heart disease, and cancer epidemic in this country. As Michael Pollan so eloquently puts it, “The only diet that is not compatible with human existence is the one we consume in this country”.

Beware: many things I say about nutrition go “against the grain”. It goes against some of the things I was taught in school.  Through 30 years of experimenting on myself, thousands of clients, reading, researching (I think I have earned a Ph.D. in research via Google), and educating myself in the traditional school platform—I have come to the conclusion that a lot of the “conventional wisdom” is wrong.

I believe in education not medication.  This is my Nutrition Prescription.  It is not a diet that assumes short term goals and long term failure.  I change eating habits through education and increasing knowledge…not just handing out a diet.  My Nutrition Prescription has at it’s core the scientifically proven research of today on ancestral health, hormones, and inflammation.

The backbone of the type of eating I recommend is eating REAL food.  Food that comes from the earth (and not from modified or genetically altered seeds),  food from an animal that eats the way it is genetically designed to eat, and food that we have been consuming for millions of years.  If it rots it is good for you.  It is the cycle of life.  Essentially, it boils down to eating sunshine.  Look at the life cycle…that is my inspiration…it all starts with sunshine.  One of my favorite songs is, “I can See Clearly Now the Rain is Gone”.  I want to clear the skies for you!



Fridge Raiders

Are you ready for a total food overhaul?  We take a field trip to your favorite grocery store and then go through aisle by aisle.   I educate you on how to read labels, which produce to buy organic, and why I recommend certain products.  I help you navigate through your store and enable you to make good food choices. Then, if you choose, we  go through your fridge and pantry, getting rid of what’s not a part of your new healthy eating plan.  I leave you with a comprehensive shopping list  and cooking demos that are based on your healthy food preferences.  One-on-one or group trips are available.  Contact me.


National Association of Nutrition Professionals