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Welcome to Health Coach Penny!  I’m Penny, Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, and Health Coach all rolled into one.  I am not a drill sergeant, a babysitter, or your mother.  I am here to inspire, guide, and help you dig deep until you reach your goals.  I don’t let up until you are where you want to be!

So what is my philosophy?  I believe in education not medication.  I believe in REAL food, REAL fitness, and REAL results. I am passionate and utterly obsessed with nutrition, fitness and helping others to find their own way, and have been for the past 30 years and will be for the next 30 years!  With my Duke Integrative Health Coaching skills I have learned how to empower you.  I firmly believe you are the expert in your own life. YOU have the answers.  I will guide you, pulling forth your own wisdom, clarifying your focus, and lasering in on your goals.  I believe, for true change to occur, it’s important to listen.  I come to you without assumptions or judgment, but with curiosity and respect to help you on your journey into good health.

I do this by making you accountable to the goals you set. I give you the resources you need. Through my coaching, using the proven Duke Process of Change Model and my lifetime of experience in nutrition and fitness, you will reach your goals.  Lasting change is possible.  No more yo-yo dieting.  No more doing what works for someone else.  This time you are in the driver’s seat.

It may not be easy at times…but it is simple!

You can start today by contacting me via email or text so I can talk with you directly to discuss your individual needs personally.

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