My Interview With a Hunter-Gatherer


There I was, sitting down for dinner after my first afternoon tracking animals in the Kwara Camp of Botswana, Africa. The thick aroma of what smelled like a mixture of wild animals, along with dung and an unfamiliar earthiness, made me realize I was in a macrocosm of life far removed from the sterile man-made environment I had traveled from 24 hours prior.   I couldn't help but wonder if there might be some trace of an olfactory memory encoded in my genes of this land I had left behind hundreds of thousands of years ago. I closed my eyes, inhaled the air deep into my lungs, searching for any remembrance of my past.  Nothing.  All I felt was  hunger after a long bumpy ride through the … [Read more...]

Paleo vs Vegan

Daily food ingredients that most people eat

Religion, politics, and 'diet'.  There is a social rule to never bring up politics or religion at a dinner party, and we need to add 'diet' to that list.  It seems a lot of people have their own strong opinion of what works best.  However, It never fails, when I go out in public and someone finds out what I do for a living, they want to know my opinion of what they should eat (sometimes bringing up the subject to simply try to prove their opinion is right).  Not that I mind helping a neighbor out, but I always warn them up front, "Don't get me started!".  From the beginning, I tell inquiring minds, that no one really knows for sure that they are right, and if they say they are, run for … [Read more...]

The Fitness Experiment of a Lifetime

I am a Health Coach, a Trainer, a Nutritionist.  Most of my blogs are about my passion, nutrition.  But, it seems the question I get after, "What do you recommend to eat?", comes "What do you recommend for exercise?".  This is a post to help answer that question.  I recommend hormesis.  Most of the workouts I perform on my clients and myself are short and sweet.  Acute not chronic.  I have been training this way for 32 years.  I attribute my staying fit, and feeling much younger than I am, to hormesis.  I very rarely have injuries with this type of training, and it has served me well in keeping my body, and my client's bodies, aesthetically and physically healthy.  Hormesis, as it … [Read more...]