The Magic Kingdom of Mushrooms

If a mushroom had a nutritional label it would read like a superfood.  They are chocked full of vital minerals such as the antioxidant producing selenium (click here for a great post by Chris Kresser about selenium’s thyroid benefits), and copper.  Plus, one portabella mushroom has more potassium than a banana!  They are low calorie, contain no cholesterol, and are low in fat (if you’re into that), and sodium.  If that isn’t reason enough to start consuming mounds of mushrooms how about the fact that they are high in fiber and contain a B vitamin profile similar to meat.  The amino acid content is higher per serving than corn, peanuts, kidney beans, and soybeans!

Check out my recent mushroom growing escapade to Brewer’s Mushrooms in Sevierville, then watch the “Fungal Fantastical” video below to see how mushrooms can save the world.

Mushrooms are amazing!  They belong to a scientific kingdom all their own.  What you see on the surface is only the “fruit” of the mushroom.  If you could see beneath the soil you would be witness to a webbing of hyphae extending from the mycelium of the mushroom.  This web can cover acres of land and grow at a rate of 1/2 mile per day.  The hyphae webbing forms the digestive system of the earth.  By excreting acid they breakdown the surrounding material so that it can be easily absorbed.  Sound familiar?  It is akin to the acid in our stomach.  Mushrooms must be cooked to reap the nutritional and medicinal benefits.  Heating breaks down the chitin in their cell walls, the same material found on the outer shell of insects and other arthropods.  So the next time you need to add a little magic to your meal throw in some miraculous mushrooms!