The Truth Will Piss You Off

This post is an apology to all my past clients who have suffered because of the low fat, calorie counting, diet I recommended for years.  I was wrong.  I received a B.S. in Food Science and Nutrition and it was all wrong.  It really pisses me off, and I’m not the only one. What really upsets me is that I taught this information to my clients for 20+ years.  It is embarrassing that I fell for it. I’d say, “Stay hungry, hunger is your friend because you know you are burning bodyfat, eat less, do more, keep your fat intake below 10 percent/day because it is too calorie dense.”  Yes, they saw results.  It may work when you count calories and exercise yourself into oblivion, but you’re hungry all the time, it isn’t sustainable, and it isn’t healthy.

Eating all those high sugar, low-fat, processed foods create roller coaster blood sugars, cause inflammation, and promote “franken-foods”.  Foods that are deranged and distorted.  Foods that are crammed into the shelves of our grocery stores, that are designed to replace REAL foods.  For what reason?  So we can eat “healthy” and lose weight? How much sense does it make that we replace REAL food with GMO, hybrid, boxed, bagged, machine processed unrecognizable as food…crap.  Stripped down REAL food that is injected, reshaped, enriched, contorted into something that has a label that reads like a chemistry textbook.  Okay, I’m starting to rant.  Let’s get back to the task at hand here. To say I’m sorry.  I was wrong.

There is a better way. Some call it Paleo, eating like our ancestors. I call it smart.

There is an easier way.  A healthier way. No hunger, no counting calories, no doing chronic cardio and hours of exercise to burn off all those ‘guilty’ calories.  No, I’m not about to hit you up to buy some new multi-level marketing, cure-all, newly discovered health product that will be gone in a few years. It is simply eating REAL food. The way our ancestors ate.

Below is a video posted by Dr. Doug Willen that quickly explains what Paleo is about:

Fast forward to the new millennium.  With the advent of computers the most current nutrition research is at our fingertips.   Research that is moving so fast it hasn’t even made it into most college classrooms yet.  They are still teaching low-fat, high carb, whole grain, calories in, calories out, saturated fat causes heart disease…big fat lies.  It may take an entire generation before we can turn this mess around. Check out these 20 myth busters by Zoe Harcombe to see the truth. All I can do is write my blog and educate my clients.  Changing lives.  Saving lives.  No longer just regurgitating outdated information that was taught to me in school.

Now I know the truth and it has set me free (yeah, it’s testimonial time). Free from blood sugar swings that caused me to feel lethargic after a meal or cranky if I missed a meal.  Free from the “stay hungry to lose weight” mentality.  Free from sugar cravings.  Free from allergies.  Free from joint pain that I thought cursed me after 30 years of weight training. Free from headaches. Free from menopause symptoms.  Free from a future of popping pills to try to remedy the problems caused by the SAD, Standard American Diet.

Knowledge is freedom. My mission is not to perpetuate a myth, but only to set you free.

“For the greatest enemy of truth is very often not the lie — deliberate, contrived and dishonest — but the myth — persistent, persuasive, and unrealistic. Too often we hold fast to the clichés of our forebears. We subject all facts to a prefabricated set of interpretations. We enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.”
– John F. Kennedy, Yale University commencement address (June 11, 1962)

Last but not least, for all you visual learners here is an excellent timeline of the history of how Paleo went from the only way we ate, to the myths that caused the diabesity epidemic, to the past decade of returning to our roots.
Paleolithic Diet Explained
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