Vegetable Oil Is People!

Just kidding with the title, but if you have ever seen the movie Soylent Green you know what I am talking about. So what the heck is ‘vegetable oil’?  Does it even come from a vegetable?  So where does it come from?  The term ‘vegetable oil’ has come to encompass all those yellowy looking oils, and an ingredient of almost every product you find, on the inside shelves of  a grocery store.  A more accurate word is ‘industrial seed oil’.  Hold on to your seats everyone because I am about to tell you something that is going to rock your world.  That ‘heart healthy’, cholesterol free (did you know that eating cholesterol doesn’t raise blood cholesterol, but that is another rant I will post soon), industrial seed oil (I simply refuse to call it vegetable oil), is a petroleum produced, overheated, oxidized, and chemically deodorized, man made product that is made from seeds that are genetically modified and full of pesticides, and we have been led to believe it is healthy.  Think about that the next time you put salad dressing on your healthy salad.

I am going to do my very best to keep this post short and simple, but believe me, I could go off in many directions.  This is just the tip of the iceberg.  Here are a few facts to get you in the mood before you watch how they process canola oil in the video below (by the way, the chemical they don’t name in the processing is mainly hexane…you know…that stuff in gasoline).

Polyunsaturated fats (industrial seed oils such as soybean, corn, sunflower, safflower), are supposedly the good fats.  Saturated fats are the bad fats.  WRONG. A little history lesson is in order here.  In the 1900’s it was discovered how to express and extract oil from seeds, but it didn’t catch hold as a main food staple (it was being used as an industrial oil), until the 1950’s.  Before that time butter, lard, and tallow were the fats used in households in the US.  By the way, death from heart disease, diabetes, and cancer were rare.  In the past 30 years vegetable oil consumption has tripled, saturated fat consumption has dropped dramatically, but heart disease (the leading cause of death) has skyrocketed.  Not to mention the increase in diabetes and cancer.  If you eat this strange fat it will incorporate into every cell of your body, just as the photo below shows, and replace the healthy fat.  You will become ‘Vegetable Oil’, hence the ‘Vegetable Oil Is People” analogy.  It is true.  You are what you eat folks.  All kidding aside,  the stuff is nasty and dangerous.

Screen shot 2014-03-28 at 11.59.27 AM

Saturated fats are stable.  Great for cooking because they can be heated at high temperature, they don’t oxidize and therefore don’t go rancid.  They make up (along with monounsaturated fat), 97% of our body’s fat composition.  Only 3% of our fat is a polyunsaturated fat.  Fat is integrated into every cell of our body and plays an important roll in hormone production, among many other things.  How about the fact that our stored energy source is a saturated fat (yes, body fat is mainly saturated fat…similar to the composition of lard).  Tell me, if saturated fat is so bad for us, then why does the body choose to store it as it’s primary fuel?

Sorry, I promised not to be long winded here, and I must get to the gym.  Watch this video and you tell me if you think this is REAL food.  I personally, choose REAL fats: Amish butter, ghee, tallow from grass fed beef, lard, and coconut oil for cooking. Plus, extra virgin olive oil (or macadamia oil if I am feeling rich), in dishes that don’t require high heat.  Feel free to email me questions, and check out my resource page for more info.