What Do I Eat?




The question I get asked most frequently is, “What do you eat?”.  So below is a sample of some my favorite quick and easy ‘go to’ meals along with the macronutrient breakdown of one day via www.paleotrack.com.  I’ve also included one of my favorite grocery shopping lists here: MarksDailyApple.com and an excellent fat/oil usage chart here: BalancedBites.com . These seem to be useful for my clients when they are trying to decide what to buy in a grocery store and what oils to use when cooking.




Scrambled Eggs*

2-3 eggs

1/2 diced onion or any other veggie you prefer or have leftover

or purchase fresh salsa from the produce section and use that

1 handful of spinach, or greens of your choice

1-2 TB Oil (from fats/oils handout)

sprinkle on some raw cheese and Turmeric if you like


Heat the oil, saute the onion or salsa, add the eggs then scramble it

lightly over medium heat.  Add in the spinach, cheese and seasoning, cook for a

few more minutes.

Scotch Eggs*

2 boiled eggs

ground sausage

1-2 TB Oil (from fats/oils handout)

Flatten the sausage and wrap it around the egg. Cook on medium high

heat until sausage is browned.


Egg Cupcakes (crustless quiche), to eat all week*

5 eggs (or double recipe to make more)

Optional: 1/2 C. heavy cream or coconut milk

1/2 lb meat of choice (I like bacon or sausage)

1 Cup chopped veggies of choice (I like onions, garlic, spinach, bell

pepper, mushrooms)

Seasonings to taste (I like salt, pepper, turmeric, fennel)


Brown the meat then saute in the chopped veggies. Season to taste. set


Wisk eggs (with cream or coconut milk). Put into muffin tins. Add meat


Bake at 325 for 25 minutes


Lox and Cream Cheese on Cucumber Slices (or scramble lox into a few eggs)



Throw a cup of Greek style full fat yogurt, a handful of berries, a half a

banana, ¼ cup coconut milk and some ice in a blender and mix!

Add a tablespoon or two of flax seed for some healthy omega-3’s. Throw in

some Vegies for an extra nutrient power punch.  Be creative!



 HUGE Salad

Fill the bowl or plate with any dark leafy greens. Add in bite sized veggies of


My favorites: broccoli, red onions, mushrooms, bell peppers, cauliflower.

For variety throw in a handful of nuts or seeds, and berries.

Be sure to add in any type of protein you prefer such as ground beef, sliced

steak, salmon, lox, poultry, boiled eggs, bacon or use leftovers.

Top with any of the oils recommended for cold use.  I like blending Olive oil

with pesto or with vinegar+ground mustard seed+chopped garlic+stevia



Full Fat Greek Yogurt

Add in a handful of nuts, and or berries, and stevia if desired.


Vegie/Meat Saute*

In 1-2 TB oil (from fats/oils handout), brown meat/poultry/

fish then add in any leafy greens and veggies you desire. Season to taste.


Canned/foil Packed Fish with Nut/Seed Crackers

Sardines, kipper, salmon, oysters.  Be sure it is packed in water or olive oil,

not soybean, canola, or vegetable oils (industrial seed oils).

Favorite crackers are ‘Mary’s Gone Crackers’ or home made seed/nut crackers



You can use big lettuce leaves, coconut wraps, seaweed, or just sliced meat

on the outside.

Fill with sliced meat, cheese, nut/seed butters, green onion, spinach or other

greens, be creative!



Salmon on Greens*

1-2 TB cooking oil (from fats/oils handout)

Salmon (Fresh, Wild, unfrozen is tastiest)

Salt and any other seasonings you want

Greens (I prefer Arugula)

Olive oil and/or Balsamic Drizzle

Heat the oil. Cook the salmon for 3-5 min on each side…to your

preference of rareness. Place on big bed of greens. Drizzle with


Burgers With Guacamole on Greens*

1-2 TB oil (from fats/oils handout)

Ground beef or Lamb

Guacamole (pre-made from the produce section or homemade)


Sliced onion and tomatoes

Olive oil


Heat the oil. Cook the burgers to your preference of doneness.

Place on greens and top with Guacamole, onions, tomatoes and

anything else your heart desires!

An alternative is to press out two thin patties of ground meat

and place guacamole between them, then cinch the sides so

that the guacamole is stuffed inside the two layers, then cook.


Steak and Roasted Vegies with Garlic*

Vegies (lots of them)


Cut brussel sprouts, cauliflower, asparagus, tear up some kale…

any veggie you prefer, cut into bite size pieces.  Dice up some

garlic. Drizzle with olive oil, add salt, pepper, add any spices. Place on a cookie sheet and bake at 400 for 15-20 minutes or until brown.

Cook your choice of meat in a pan with butter or oil (from fats/oils handout), or on a grill.

Meatloaf Cupcakes

Yellow onion (1) chopped

Red bell pepper (1) chopped

Ground beef (2 pounds)

Salt & Pepper (2 teaspoons)

Mrs. Dash steak seasoning (2 dashes)

Lard or coconut oil (2 tablespoons)

Chili sauce (1/2 cup) or ketcup

Eggs (2)

Saute the onion and bell pepper in the oil for about 5 min. then blend all ingredients in a bowl. Form into baseball size balls. Place in muffin tin. Cook at 350 for 35-40 minutes.  While that is cooking make “frosting” out of mashed sweet potatoes or mashed cauliflower. Using a ziploc with a corner cut out, put the frosting in the bag and squeeze onto each cupcake, or just spread it on with a spoon.


Mashed Cauliflower or Sweet Potatoes

1 large sweet potato or 1/2 head cauliflower

2 TB butter or lard

2 TB coconut milk or cream

Boil the cubed sweet potato (steam the cauliflower). Cook it for a few minutes in a pan to remove the moisture. Using a mixer, whip all the ingredients together until it resembles mashed potatoes. Season to taste.


HUGE Salad

See ‘Lunch’


*If you want to add in some complex carbohydrates add sweet potatoes: roasted, baked, or mashed. White or wild rice is also a good choice, but it is not as nutrient dense.



Seeds and Nuts (Macadamia, Walnuts, Almonds, Pistachios, etc.)

Almond Butter (or any other nut/seed butter with no sugar added, peanuts are not a nut)

Hardboiled Eggs


Canned/foil packed Salmon, Kipper, Sardines, and Tuna

Smoked Salmon (Lox)

Cold Shrimp

Sliced Meat (preferably with no additives)




Fresh and Dried Fruit (preferably berries)



Dried Seaweed

Dark chocolate (above 72%)

High quality cheese or full fat greek yogurt



Green tea, Matcha, or Coffee (with coconut milk or coconut oil)

Sample Nutrient Breakdown of One Day

Note: This is a day I didn’t exercise so I didn’t eat a sweet potato or rice, therefore my carb intake was lower than normal

Quantity Edit Food  

Protein (g)

Carbs (g)

Fat (g)

Omega-3 (g)

Omega-6 (g)

3 large Egg, whole, cooked, scrambled 2.9
1 cup Spinach, raw 1.1
0.5 cup chopped Onions, yellow, sauteed 3.4
4 tbsp Oil, coconut 0
0.55 cup cherry tomatoes Tomatoes, red, ripe, raw, year round average 3.2
0.25 cup, diced Cheese, cheddar 0.4
1 cup, drained Fish, sardine, Atlantic, canned in oil, drained solids with bone 0
1 1 Marry’s Gone Crackers 21
5.25 oz Fish, salmon, Atlantic, wild, cooked, dry heat 0
2 cup Brussels sprouts, raw 15.8
2 slice cooked Pork, cured, bacon, cooked, baked 0.2
1.5 cup Arugula, raw 1.1
1 tablespoon Oil, olive, salad or cooking 0
1 1 Larabar 31

Energy: 2176 calories

Source Calories Quantity


22% 122g


63% 156g


15% 80g


2.2:1 omega-6/3 ratio

1.8:1 Potassium/Sodium ratio

Congratulations! You are:

Strict Primal!
Sugar free
Legume free
Grain free

Omega 6 14.9 g
Omega 3 6.6 g
Fiber 17.6 g
Potassium 3102 mg
Sodium 1747 mg
Cholesterol 876 mg
Alcohol 0 g
Caffeine 0 mg

Name Qty RDI
Vitamin C 174.5 mg 291%
Thiamin 1 mg 67%
Riboflavin 2.189 mg 129%
Niacin 26.814 mg 134%
Pantothenic acid 7.186 mg 72%
Vitamin B-6 2.594 mg 130%
Folate 338 mcg 85%
Vitamin B-12 19.71 mcg 329%
Vitamin A 7155 IU 143%
Vitamin E 10.3 mg 69%
Vitamin D 427 IU 107%
Vitamin K 525.4 mcg 657%

Name Qty RDI
Calcium 1180 mg 118%
Iron 14.7 mg 82%
Magnesium 279 mg 70%
Phosphorus 1850 mg 185%
Zinc 7.92 mg 53%
Copper 1.343 mg 67%
Manganese 1.336 mg 67%
Selenium 208.5 mcg 298%