Why I Drink Raw Milk

20131103-125117.jpgThis past week the farm where I own cow shares, and supplies my family with milk, was raided by the government.  Apparently 3 children were hospitalized with E.coli infection and my farm was a suspect. Of course the media jumped on the band wagon to spread this news.  Now the test results have been revealed and they show no E.coli in McBee’s milk. But this news must not be scandalous enough to report, because all the farm is left with is the scar of bad press.

If you are not familiar with “raw” milk it is simply milk straight from the cow that hasn’t been pasteurized or homogenized. It is REAL milk.

Because of this ‘scandal’ I have been getting bombarded with questions about why I choose to drink raw milk.   The reasons for choosing this type of milk for my family are varied. Instead of writing a long blog post about the benefits of raw milk, which you can read about here and here, I chose to go the visual route.

Below are a few of the reasons I love my REAL milk (don’t miss the video at the end):
















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